Shoreline Stabilization Services

Creative Solutions for Your Waterfront Property

Shoreline Solutions has been specializing in natural shoreline / seawall stabilization, hydraulic, and mechanical dredging for over 16 years. We focus on creative solutions for your waterfront property. Starting from the waters edge, working with modern riprap construction barges, will result in no excavation and no heavy equipment on the shoreline.

We construct maintenance-free protection systems that stand the test of time. Our one-of-a-kind construction methods will eliminate all damage to residential landscapes and protect natural shorelines. Our environmentally friendly delivery system eliminates the need for costly yard repairs while allowing your natural shorelines to remain absolutely green and undisturbed. Our hydraulic and mechanical dredging projects help restore shallow silted in bays into navigable waters.

Shoreline Stabilization and Erosion Control

Shoreline Erosion

Day in and day out, waves are generated by wind and/or boat will crash into lake shorelines causing these banks to erode. Shoreline erosion results in a costly loss of property, fallen trees, undercut /slumped banks, and reduces water quality due to suspended sediment pollution. You can protect this valuable natural resource with rock riprap installed by Shoreline Solutions. Our riprap application methods and shoreline designs will absorb and minimize the impact of impeding wave energy with maximum protection.

We Stabilize, Repair, and Protect Your Shoreline

Using a combination of erosion undergarment fabrics, DOT grade "A" riprap, and in some cases native plantings, Shoreline Solutions will stabilize, repair, and protect your shoreline from harmful erosion. Along with protecting your waterfront investment, rock riprap dresses up your shoreline while providing valuable habitat along the lake shore. Available in a range of sizes, riprap is the "natural green choice" for shoreline protection and riprap has several advantages over other materials such as concrete, wooden seawall or steel sheet piling.

What the Experts Say

Year after year Riprap is the most cost effective and eco-friendly green solution combination available.
It will blend into the natural shoreline and be partially hidden by reestablished vegetation.
It does not act as a barrier for organisms that move in and out of the water.
Our mechanical riprap boat enables our designs to be economically feasible for large remote natural shoreline projects because there will be no excavation and no heavy equipment on the shoreline.
Riprap is a great steel/wood seawall stabilizer, absorbing the harmful reflective wave energy generated by vertical seawall design. Riprap can be colonized by native plant species, and marine life.

If you are tired of silted in bays, disappearing shorelines, temporary fixes, and want a permanent natural solution, please contact us. We can make your wish become a reality.